Patricia de Gorostarzu
On Day 1 at SIHH we visited Cartier and had a chance to get some quick and replica cartier watches dirty live shots of the new models, including the Astrocalendaire, the Earth and Moon tourbillon, the Night & Day, and the new Calibre de Cartier Diver. This post also includes links to WatchTime��s earlier posts on these models, which include images provided by Cartier. The new release that is generating the most buzz is the Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire perpetual calendar tourbillon. The calendar information is arranged in three concentric circles, each on its own level. The day is indicated on the replica cartier Ballon Bleu innermost circle, followed by the month on the center and the date on the outer circle. Small windows move around these displays to indicate the current month, day and date, The tourbillon resides at the center of these displays. A hand on the replica cartier santos back of the watch indicates the leap year. The movement replaces the springs and levers typically found in perpetual calendar movements with gears, eliminating the risk of breakage and allowing setting of all displays by the crown. You can read more and see complete specs here . The Astrocalendaire will be produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces in platinum priced at 150,000 euros. The Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon features what Cartier calls a ��secret�� moon display. The round tourbillon at 6 o��clock represents the disk of the moon. With the push of a button, a blue disk covers as much of the tourbillon as needed to represent the current moon phase. The display at 12 o��clock indicates two time zones. See more images and specifications here. See our original write-up of this piece on the page linked above. The Earth and Moon will be produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces in platinum with a lapis dial priced at 200,000 euros.



Patricia de Gorostarzu, après avoir publié son road-trip américain (Vintage America, Albin 2010), nous emmène dans un tout autre voyage. Pendant un an, elle est partie à la découverte des acteurs de l’action sociale. Ce qui n’était qu’au début qu’un simple reportage pour Malakoff-Médéric est devenu, au fil de ses contacts, une véritable aventure au coeur de l’humain. Elle a su photographier avec pudeur celles et ceux qui se trouvent, pour des périodes plus ou moins longues, dans une situation de détresse. En regard, elle a saisi l’humanité des acteurs de l’action sociale, dans la diversité de leurs métiers et de leurs parcours. Un tendre kaléidoscope de portraits, des deux « côtés » de l’action sociale.


Chez Albin Michel

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